How Can I Tell If My Brakes Need Replacing?

How Can I Tell If My Brakes Need Replacing?

Keeping your brakes in tip top condition are of up most importance and need to be replaced when necessary. If you follow these steps below it will help you identify when they need to be replaced.

Having fully operational brakes is one of the most important things as a driver and is one of the most important legal requirements, You must ensure the braking system is maintained and operating optimally to reduce the risk of an accident.
Here are a few pointers to help you look out for these signs;


Over time like all things when used, deteriorate and a car is no exception to the rule. Due to use the front discs and pads, wear and tear occurs and need to be replaced. These must be done in pairs and new pads will be needed depending on how you drive, usually they last between 15,000 and 35,000 miles.

High Pitched or Grinding Sounds

When you are using your brakes you may find that a high-pitched sound comes when you press the brake pedal. This can indicate that wear and tear has taken effect and may need to be replaced.

If when pressing the brake pedal you hear a grinding sound, your brake pads at this point may have completely warn out and should definitely be replaced.

Bad Smells

If you start to get burnt smells from your wheel areas after braking this is a sign that they have definitely warn out. You should consult a garage as soon as possible. If this is the case contact us to inspect your brakes.

Pulling To The Left Or Right While Driving

When you are breaking you may find that the car is pulling to one side or the other of the road. This is caused by your break calliper jamming or holding after releasing the break pedal.


When breaking your steering wheel or your break pedal vibrates and means you should have your breaks checked by a mechanic. When this happens it could mean your break disc has warped or bent out of shape.

Pressing To The Floor

The responsiveness of your breaks; How your breaks react when pressing the break pedal. If you find that your pushing the break pedal all the way to the floor before it begins to start slowing down this can mean there is a problem with the hydraulics. If this is the case take your car to a garage immediately to have your breaking system checked. Call us to have a look.

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